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Questions We’re Often Asked

These are some of the questions we're asked most frequently. There is more detail on some of them in the Terms & Conditions, but if there's anything you're not sure of, or want to ask, simply give us a ring!

Where are the best campsites and wild camping places?

A KG Campervan adventure is a great way to explore the vast, rich and varied natural beauty of Yorkshire. There are plenty of fantastic campsites spread all over Yorkshire which provide great bases from which to explore. Included in your hire is membership of The Camping & Caravanning Club so you get discounted member’s rates at all their sites! On our Links page you'll find some useful addresses for Yorkshire campsites.

There are also lots of opportunities to 'camp wild' with your campervan, and at KG Campervans we'll give you some specific guidance on when you can and can't camp wild, and there will be a one-page information sheet on this in your campervan. You'll never find an approved list of these places, as that would direct too many people to the same site and ruin it very quickly. As there are an increasing number of people wanting to enjoy this way of experiencing Yorkshire, it is important to follow the simple and common sense guidance, and in doing so, you'll hopefully enjoy 'camping wild' on your campervan trip, and help support a sustainable way of experiencing Yorkshire.... and we will all be able to enjoy the freedom of camping wild for many years to come.

How long can the campervan operate without a mains hook-up?

If you use the internal lights sensibly, you should be able to spend a couple of nights with things powered by the leisure battery. If you do need to re-charge, then you can simply run the engine for a little while, or hook up at a campsite.

How many can the campervans seat?

Ronald seats up to 4 and Gordan seats up to 5. 

How many can the campervan sleep in comfort?

In all our vans the double bed 'downstairs' sleeps 2 adults in comfort, and the double bed in the elevating roof again sleeps 2 adults - but if you're well over 6ft tall, you may find the elevating roof bed a bit of a squeeze. Adding the drive-away awning gives loads more sleeping space, including a specific sleeping compartment for two. 

Can I take my dog in the campervan?

Ronald is our pet–friendly campervan, and all we ask is that you give it a good clean before you return it. We do make sure that Ronald is spotless before it goes out again, and there definitely won’t be any doggy smells in the campervan!. If Ronald is booked and you’re desperate to take your four-legged friend with you, then give us a call and we can see if we can sort something out for you. Also, do give us a ring if you have any specific request about pets or 'no pets', especially if you have any questions about allergies.

Where do I pick the campervan up from?

You pick your campervan up from our garage in Shelley, Huddersfield. You can then leave you car with us in our 
secure parking. 

How flexible can you be about collection and return times?

We aim to be as flexible as possible about the timings of when you can pick up or drop off your campervan. As long as it doesn’t conflict with the timings of other bookings, you’ll normally be able to pick up your campervan from 10.00am, and return it by 5.30pm. If there are any specific pick-up or drop-off times you need, then let us know when you make your booking (use the ‘Extra Information’ section on the online booking form), and we can normally juggle things around to make it happen... and often with no extra cost - e.g. we wouldn’t charge you any extra for a 7.30pm return on your last day when it’s normally 5.30pm. Remember also that we only ever ask for a minimum 3-day hire... we don't believe in 'week long, Saturday to Saturday' hires... it's your adventure; you decide when you go, whatever the time of year!

Can I leave my car with you when I pick up my campervan?

Yes, you can leave your car with us free of charge in our secure parking at our garage. 

Can I really use the campervans in the winter?

Yes! The campervans are well-insulated, and the hot air heater really will warm up the campervan very quickly even when it's well below freezing outside. The fresh water tank is inside, so there's no chance of anything freezing up. We also can supply additional front window insulation pads for extra warmth.

What do I need to bring with me on my holiday?

It depends on the adventure you're creating! Have a look through the 'What's Included' and the 'Additional Extras' sections to make sure you've got all the basics. There's lots of storage space for clothes, but bear in mind this isn't a hotel room with a double wardrobe, so plan your clothing sensibly! The same goes for your outdoor gear - plenty of space available, but our top tip is think neat, think simple.

What is the insurance cover?

Your insurance is included in the rental price, and covers one driver aged 25-70, with a full driving licence, with no more than 6 points on your licence. Our insurance company can arrange, with an additional premium, insurance cover for additional drivers, drivers 21-24, over 70, and drivers with more than 6 points on their licences.

Can I take the Campervan abroad?

Yes, you can potter all over Europe! Our insurance only covers UK travel. But, give us a ring and we can talk to the insurers and try and sort something out.

I have a non-UK driving licence, can I still hire your campervans?

Absolutely yes! If you have a UK, European, USA, Canada, New Zealand or Australia licence, then you are covered! If you don’t have one of the listed licences, do give us call and we can normally get you covered - there may be a few more things we will need to check in addition to your driving licence, but we can go through all this with you on the phone or by email.

Is there a mileage restriction?


Can I do a one-way hire?

If we can fit it in with other bookings, then the answer should be 'yes'. There will be a charge for this. In some circumstances we may be able to deliver the campervan to your home, but this is probably only practical if you live within an hour or so's drive of Hudersfield - give us a ring to discuss this well in advance!

How can I pay?

By most major debit or credit cards. Sadly we don't accept American Express, non-UK Maestro or non-UK Electron. You can also pay by bank transfer into our business account. Cash and cheques are fine, as long as we receive the cheque up to 10 days before the start of your holiday, and if you’re paying by cash, we do need at least some of the payment by card.

Can I smoke in the campervans?

No! All our campervans are non-smoking.


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